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your equestrian problemsolver

C&C Complet focuses on wellbeing, comfort and safety in and around the horse stable. 
Quality, innovation and service are our top priorities!


We're specialised in combating flies, both in the horse stable and in the house. We work with automated systems that spray an insecticide based on wild chrysanthemums at regular intervals. So you'll no longer be bothered by flies, mosquitoes or other insects and the horses will be calm and comfortable in the stable.


Let's meet!

C&C Complet is your stable problem solver!

Are you bothered by flies, have a horse with a cough or do you want to make working in the stable more pleasant? Then we can definitely help you! 

We scan the market for new, high-quality products that improve wellbeing, safety and comfort in and around the horse stable. Together with good service, we strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction. 


In the future we want to make all European stables fly-free and we want to support all Belgian riders and stables with our service and materials.


Our stables are located in a beautiful, wooded area. Really nice, but it’s an extra challenge to keep the insects out in a people- and animal-friendly way. We found the perfect solution in the Moskito Fly Control system. The horses are much calmer in their stables and outdoor riding is also much more pleasant. We’re fans!

Philippaerts - we live horses

Ludo Philippaerts


C&C Complet 

Gitsevoetweg 11

8810 Lichtervelde


Sien Coysman

Marketing & Sales / Moskito MAX

+32 477 42 46 48

Martine Coghe

Finance / Moskito MINI

+32 495 27 64 19

Marc Coysman

Installation / repairs / maintenance

+32 498 16 11 48

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