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Tow And Mow

Tow and Mow, the most user-friendly mower for pastures & paddocks

  • Quick and efficient

  • Simple: pick up and go

  • Can be pulled by different machines

  • No PTO shaft required

Most mowers are powered by the tractor's PTO, but not Tow and Mow! Tow and Mow is powered by 2 engines mounted on the mower (a Tow and Farm patented system). So you don't need a big tractor and can maintain your pastures with an ATV, 4WD, a Gator or a small tractor without a PTO. 
The mower is really robust and manoeuvrable and suitable for the roughest conditions. A rotating handle makes adjusting cutting height easy. 
Tow and Mow is very user-friendly: connect the mower to the tow bar, set the correct cutting height, start the engines and you're ready to go!


Working width



Assemble size

Assemble weight

Dimension in box

Weight in box

Caster wheel

HORT 1000

Tow And Mow Hort 1000

200 kg
100 cm

2 x Briggs and Stratton – 850 Series

190cc / 5.5hp* x 2

250 cm (L) × 110 cm (B)  × 60 cm (H)

155 kg

106 cm (L) × 157 (B) × 75 cm (H)

200 kg

Adjustable castor wheel

HORT 1270

Tow And Mow Hort 1270

235 kg
127 cm

2 x Briggs and Stratton – 850 Series 

190cc / 5.5hp* x 2

260 cm (L)  × 130 cm (B) × 60 cm (H)

180 kg

135 cm (L) × 168 cm (B) × 75 cm (H)

235 kg

Adjustable castor wheel

Not sure which mower suits your situation?

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