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The best nebuliser for horses and ponies

  • Battery powered vapor mask

  • Fits every pony and horse head

  • Unbreakable and transparent shape

  • Silently

Sahoma dampmasker set

In collaboration with various veterinarians, SaHoMa developed the first battery-powered nebuliser mask 10 years ago.
The nebuliser mask is used both supportively and preventively in acute inflammation and chronic conditions.
The SaHoMa nebuliser mask has the medcup at the bottom for optimal absorption. The foam sealing ring ensures the nebuliser fits well on every horse's head. The mask is transparent so breathing can be monitored.
The nebuliser mask has a filter that filters the air drawn in and ensures the solution can't escape so the horse can breathe in and out freely.

The nebuliser is virtually silent and has 2 programmes that automatically switch off when finished.

Sahoma dampmasker set



1 control device
1 charger
2 nebuliser devices
1 cap for the nebuliser devices
1 plastic casing
1 plastic cover hood
1 filter holder
1 filter membrane
2 foam sealing rings
1 set of mounting straps
1 transport case 
1 maintenance set

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