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A moment of wellness for your horse

  • Infrared rays: promotes blood circulation and reduces muscle and joint pain

  • 6 fans with dual function: heating and cooling

  • Sleek minimalist design: beautiful in any horse stable

  • Light therapy: the white lamps have a positive effect on the horse's general mood

The Sirocco from Drimee, the most innovative solarium for your horse

The Sirocco is energy efficient. The solarium has a consumption of 2520 W and has 6 fans that speed up the drying process considerably. The fans have a double effect. In the winter they circulate warm air, in the summer you can use them to cool the horse after exertion. The solarium has an attractive, sleek, minimalist design that fits into any horse stable. Its light construction and the supplied mounting set make installation super simple. Since the solarium doesn't emit any heat from above, it can be placed completely against the ceiling. The solarium has 12 infrared lamps that have a beneficial effect on blood circulation, cell metabolism and the general health and wellbeing of the horse. The infrared light reduces joint and muscle stiffness and helps break down lactic acid build up after exercise. Lastly, the Drimee solarium lamps are white. That white light reduces the secretion of melatonin and reduces general fatigue. It also has an effect on emotion processing, which reduces stress. -

3 types, a solution for every situation








2520 watt
30 kg
120 cm x 150 cm x 18 cm
12 infrared halogen lamps
6 fans
2 dimmers and 1 timer


Drimee SB3 solarium

2400 watt
26 kg
120 cm x 150 cm x 18 cm
12 infrared halogen lamps
No fans
1 dimmer and 1 timer


Drimee SB2 Solarium

1600 watt
18 kg
85 cm x 150 cm x 18 cm
8 infrared halogen lamps
No fans
1 dimmer and 1 timer

These toppers are already convinced!

Explosion - Ben Maher

Olympic champion Explosion -
Ben Maher

IQ van 't steentje

IQ van 't Steentje - Wilm Vermeir

Olivier Philippaerts

Olivier Philippaerts

Not sure which solarium suits your situation?

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