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Muck out fast and easy!

  • Contents of 12 full wheelbarrows

  • Easy maneuvering through the stable thanks to swivel wheels and pneumatic tires

  • Easy picking and tipping

  • Made from stainless steel

This manure container is definitely one of the best inventions ever! With a capacity of a whopping 2,400 litres (= 12 full wheelbarrows) you save a lot of kilometres to and from the manure heap.
Thanks to the pneumatic tires and swivel wheels you'll manoeuvre through the stable with ease.
Container full? Pick it up with the loader and empty it! 
As simple as that!
The container is made of stainless steel that will last for years.



Measurements: 232 x 135 x 85 cm
Weight: 260 kg
Contents 2,400 litres
Wheels: 2 fixed wheels, 2 castor wheels
Material: Stainless steel
Option: lid

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