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Hay steamer, a boost for your horse's general health!

  • Infrared rays: promotes blood circulation and reduces muscle and joint pain

  • 6 fans with dual function: heating and cooling

  • Sleek minimalist design: beautiful in any horse stable

  • Light therapy: the white lamps have a positive effect on the horse's general mood

Eliminate harmful substances from hay with the Nuveq hay steamer

It's been scientifically proven that steaming eliminates harmful substances from the hay and significantly improves horses' health. The high temperature steaming renders pathogens such as mould spores, bacteria and mites harmless and the water vapour reduces dust inhalation by 99%. Allergic reactions decrease, the general health of the respiratory tract improves remarkably and the risk of respiratory diseases such as RAO/COPD and IAD/SAD are decreased dramatically. Horses stop coughing and have an increased oxygen intake, which benefits overall health and sporting performance. And it's not just horses with respiratory conditions who benefit from the use of the steamer. Steamed hay is also ideal for horses recovering from surgery or prone to colic and laminitis. The Nuveq steamers are very user friendly: Put the hay in the chest, close the lid, turn on the steam generator and steam the hay for an hour. The hay can be given immediately after. Nuveq benefits: - The separate water tank heats the water in small quantities. As a result, the water reaches the right temperature more quickly and the Nuveq produces steam in just 5 minutes, which considerably shortens the steaming process. - The boiler doesn't need to be descaled. - The hay is steamed both from above and below.

3 types, a solution for every situation




Box size


Steam time



3,2 kW

2-tank tech, start within 3 min.

1x per 6 months


L 94 cm x W 160 cm x H 98 cm

30 - 35 kg hay or haylage

75 minutes


2,6 kW

2-tank tech, start within 3 min.

1x per 6 months


L 94 cm x W 95 cm x H 109 cm


15 - 18 kg hay or haylage

45 minutes


2,6 kW

2-tank tech, start within 3 min.

1x per 6 months


L 60 cm x W 60 cm x H 77 cm


8 - 10 kg hay or haylage

45 minutes

Not sure which hay steamer suits your situation?

We are happy to think along with you. Contact us.

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