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Insect Control - automatically and electrically

Every year we are plagued by growing hordes of flies and insects. It seems it's getting worse. What ever you do or try to do , nothing seems to help appropriate. From now there is the perfect solution that will get rid of all the flies and insects, and also gives quality of life for yourself and your animals. The solution is Moskito, a fully automatic fly and insect control system.

Insect Control - automatically

The central unit is programmed at set times to spray.

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Automatic fly control for outdoor track:



Manuel Insect Control - Outdoor track

fogger2This unit has been designed for use with insecticides, acaricides, fungicides and disinfectants. Light weight for convenient use in areas where poor roads and tracks make it difficult to handle heavy equipment. The only mass produced unit with a covered air intake valve, providing a silencer effect and protection against dust and solution particles.