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Aerosalhorse - halotherapie-salt-therapy

Aerosalhorse is an aerosol for inhalation therapy and it is certified for veterinary use.
The differences between Aerosalhorse and othere tardititonal therapies are:

  • The total absence of liquid phase, Aerosalhorse® is a dry aerosol
  • There is no mask, as matter of fact the horse’ box is the mask. The horse is free in his box, without assistance, free to move, drink and eat
  • works with only one product, a dose of medical salt micronized in particles with size between 0,2 and 10 micron
  • Aerosalhorse® is mounted outside the box and connected with a small hole from which the salt dose, inserted in the aerosol, comes out. The air is let inside the box which is saturated with salt and works as a mask, the box needs to be closed but not hermetically because there is the need of air exchange
  • Aerosalhorse® works on the high and low horse’s airways, thanks to the particle’s dimensions. The particles between 5 and 10 microns stop and works on the high airways, and the ones between 0,2 and 5 microns reach and treat the pulmonary alveoli
  • After been started, the device will shut down after 30 minutes, so it is really practical. It is possible to treat one horse after another one, because the treatment is an antibacterial salt and the horses do not contaminate each other.

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  • Aerosalhorse® is a patented treatment that uses the micro particles but with a healthy principle, sodium chloride, that for osmosis calls for water and let the horses through the mucus to free their entire airway from substances inhaled during the day to day operations, as dust, urine and silicium
  • Aerosalhorse® is active also on the horse skin, because the salt that circulates in the air it is not only inhaled but deposits on the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory in preventing and cure the skin diseases
  • Aerosalhorse®, thanks to the salt presence, induces the horse to drink more water and to hydrate optimally
  • Aerosalhorse® is an involuntary therapy because the horse does not feel the noise and or the smell but only the salty taste that horses like
  • Aerosalhorse® is not a doping substance, it can be use every day to ensure the health and the cleanness of the airway with consequent optimal oxygenation and hydration. As alternative to the daily use, it is suggested the use of ¾ of therapeutic cycles of 12 close treatments (one time per day) in the critical times like during change of seasons and competitive events.
  • Aerosalhorse® allows the horse to improve their performances
  • Aerosalhorse®, in preventing respiratory and skin diseases reduces the needs of medical treatments and their consequent side effects

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